About Scribble Witch


So, that's what Notes the Scribble Witch has to say about herself.


But do you want to know a secret? Notes wasn't always called

a Scribble Witch.


Take a look at these cover ideas for example. The earlier ones don't mention Scribble Witch at all.  And it really did take LOADS of trying and thinking and chatting and playing about before the final Scribble Witch cover came together.


Some lovely people have written kind words about Scribble Witch!


“The first of the Scribble Witch series, Notes in Class is a wonderful take on the ancient tradition of passing notes in class, but with added friendship, trouble and magic. The miniature paper witch who lives in the pen pot on Molly’s classroom table, Notes, tries her best to help her friend, but sometimes help you get isn’t the help you need and trouble seems to sprout everywhere, especially when you’ve a teacher like Mr Stilton who isn’t your biggest fan to begin with. A great zappy adventure from a new voice I’m sure will be filling kids’ brains for years to come.”  

- A. F. Harold (Author of loads of great stuff. Google him, I dare you.)


"I adored this book and whizzed through it in one sitting! It's about a tiny paper witch who flies on a pencil as a broomstick! She's just adorable and so characterful. Now I desperately want my own tiny scribble witch!!"


- Harriet Muncaster (Author/ illustrator of Isadora Moon)