Teachers! Here's a little bit of art lesson support. Hope it's useful. I'll be updating with more video demonstrations from time to time, so let me know if there's anything you're desperately needing!  Also, be sure to have a look at my FUN page for some extra-curricular arty activities.



Print this shading worksheet then use the demo video to introduce the activity to your class.


Hand out 3D shapes and encourage children to have a go at drawing them from observation.


This worksheet introduces children to two key components of perspective drawing: the HORIZON LINE and the VANISHING POINT.


Introduce your lesson with the demo video below, then encourage your kids to try the worsheet themselves.


NB: Discuss what happens to objects above and below the horizon line. (Objects below look like they are underneath us; objects above look like they are above us; all objects recede into the background.)


Encourage children to draw their own vanishing points and horizon lines on plain paper. They can then draw their own squares and rectangles, then add perspective lines.